Semiconductor nanostructures for nanophotonics and nanoelectronics.

The group has been working on the semiconductor materials and devices for many years. It has been focusing semiconductor nanocrystals and their applications to nanoelectronics and photonics in recent years. Recent research activities include developing fundamental knowledge on the production techniques, characterization and methods and applications of semiconductor nanocrystals to electronic and photonic devices such as floating gate memories and light emitting devices. One of the main objectives of the group is to expand its research activities to include nanostructured thin semiconductor films and their applications to solar cells.

Prof. Raşit Turan is currently coordinating an FP6 STREP project called SEMINANO (with contract number : 505285). SEMINANO is a project on the science and technology of semiconductor nanocrystals with 12 partners from 9 countries. It is a three year project starting from September 1, 2004.

METU is the associate partner of the project Nanoforum which has been supported by European Union. The contact person for this membership is Prof. Dr. Rasit Turan. Prof. Turan is actively participating in the Nanoforum activities and they are planning new event with participation of METU-CL in the coming years.

The group leader, Prof. Dr. Rasit Turan has been working on semiconductor materials and devices since 1983. He completed his Ph. D. in Physics at University of Oslo-Norway in 1990, and worked as Post. Doc. at Toronto University, Canada and also at Linkoping University in Sweden. He has been working at Department of Physics at METU for 11 years. He has in depth experience on semiconductor materials and devices. He is currently leading 1 Post. Doc., 4 M. Sc. and 3 Ph. D. students. Five of these students are working on a thesis which is directly related to nanotechnology. He has been in several collaboration projects with European research groups. In addition to the above mentioned FP6 project he is coordinating, he participated in the COST 523 action in 1999-2004 which is about nanostructured materials. He was the Turkish representative in the management committee of this action.

Prof. Dr. Cigdem Ercelebi, (also the director of the METU-CL) has Ph.D in physics from METU (1985) has been working on thin film technologies. She worked on various semiconductor thin films mostly for the purpose of solar cell applications. She conducted research projects with Durham University, UK with financial support provided by the British Council. She is currently the director of METU-CL.

Dr. Ugur Serincan, is currently working as post.doc. in the group. He has his Ph.D. in Physics from METU (2004). He worked on semiconductor nanostructures during his Ph.D. study and obtained in depth experience in production and characterisation of these materials.

List of recent relevant publications
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