7 November 2006 Ankara Turkey

Seminar on Electrochemical Enzyme Biosensors

Sergei DZYADEVYCH from Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, gave a seminar on Electrochemical Enzyme Biosensors.

6-9 November 2006 Ankara Turkey

Metu-Center Workshop on Modern Electron Paramagnetic Resonance(EPR)

Workshop on Modern Electron Paramagnetic Resonance(EPR) is hold on 6-9 November at Metu Central Laboratory with over 50 participants from different universities and institutes of Turkey.


16-20 October 2006 Ankara Turkey

Nanotechnology Research Forum

The Nanotechnology Research Forum is a Fall school on nanoscience and nanotechnologyaimed towards graduate students and young Ph. D.’s interested in doing research in the area of nanoscience and technology. Over 200 young researchers participated in the Forum.


25 September -6 October 2006 Ankara Turkey

First Anatolian School on Catalysis (ASC-I)

First Anatolian School on Catalysis consists of two workshops: Master Class Catalysis and Computational Catalysis. Workshops and lectures are hold at METU Ankara.



21-23 June 2006 Antalya Turkey

International Workshop on Nanostructured Materials

The workshop on Nanostructured Materials is an international workshop which emphasizes on semiconductor nanostructures, magnetic nanoparticles and catalysts. The workshop has covered fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures by ion implantation, sputtering, CVD and MBE in dielectric matrices on various surfaces and their applications to microelectronic, photonics and biotechnology; production of nano particles and thin films by sol-gel processing methods; processing and manipulation of nanostructures; electrical, magnetic, optical and chemical properties and device applications.